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Insulated Panel System

Product Overview

ACR’s insulated panels are made for security, efficiency, and sustainability. Our insulated panels are filled and reinforced with rigid polyurethane (PUR B2 DIN 4102) foam through a procedure of cutting edge injection system. We specialize in cold storages, slaughterhouses, clean rooms, loading rooms, processing rooms, and blast freezer.
Insulated Panel & Doors

High Quality, Modern Concept, and Ribbed Surface

Detail & Specification

Types of Joints

Types of Joints

TYPE 1: Full Knock-Down Joint System
Insulated Panel & Doors

The advantages of full knock-down joint systems:

  • Camlock or without Camlock joint systems
  • Can be disassembled and reassembled
  • Can be put together easily
  • Reusable cam lock system
  • Easy installation
  • Fix Size
TYPE 2: Slip Joint System
Insulated Panel & Doors

The advantages of slip joint systems:

  • Has the ability to increase joint strength and the bonding of panels
  • Enable superior vapor barrier
  • Shortened panel installation time and decreased the usage of support structure Reduce noise pollution
  • Can make with changes during installation
Surface Material

Type of Panel Surface Material

Skins Standard
Steel 0.5mm thick prime pre-Painted galvanized steel sheet with pre-film according to JIS G3312 CG CC Z 12.

350 G/M2 Nominal Zinc Coating
Paint of polyester, silicone modified polyester color: off-white, food grade color coating (other colors & finishes available on request*)

Stainless Steel 304 2B
*Subject to minimum quatities orders

Special Order*

Type : Neutral & Mastic
Colour : White, Gray, or Special Order

Insulated Panel & Doors
  • Neutral silicone sealants are one part room temperature vulcanizing silicone sealant.
  • Neutral silicone sealant is primer less adhesion to most materials and it is also non-corrosive to metals.
Panel Specification

Panel Specification

Product Data
Insulated Panel & Doors
Camlock System
Insulated Panel & Doors

Panels are connected either through a dry-joint, a male – female device with patented reversible cam lock system and special sealing gasket. This locking system makes it possible to dismantle and reassemble it elsewhere, whenever required. The plastic material of the camlock makes it anti-rust and more integrated with PUR.ACR camlock system has a tensile strength up to 230 kg.

Corner Panel
Insulated Panel & Doors

Panel corner is a one-piece unit. The structural capabilities far exceed any traditional building method or other joining methods using two insulated panels butted together to form a corner. The stability of this one-piece construction provides additional strength and eliminates panel racking during erection. Locking devices are embedded at specific intervals providing you with a simple, labor-saving, easy method of securing the panels together. Maximal length is 4 meters.

Polyurethane Slab
Insulated Panel & Doors

Polyurethane (PUR) Slab is an environmentally friendly sheet insulation material used for insulation. ACR PUR Slab is very lightweight with excellent thermal conductivity. It is used for thermal insulation floors such as cold rooms, clean rooms, etc.

OG Panel

Type OG Panel

OG Insulation Panel is a Japan quality insulation panel using rigid urethane foam, which has a high insulation performance. The joint part is formed with 凹凸 a concave-convex frame made of resin which improve it’s performance. Color steel panel and stainless steel are used for panel surface, therefore panel appearance is good for interior material.

Strong Point

  1. OG Insulation Panel prevents dew condensation because it keeps high airtightness and doesn’t let cold air escape.
  2. Using OG Insulation Panel, panel rigidity and durability is improved.
  3. OG Insulation Panel hardly absorbs moisture and keeps thermal insulation performance for a long time
  4. Frame and surface material helps to prevent harmful insect and mold invasions into insulation material

Food Segment

Our solution for food segment

  • Cold Storage
  • Food Delivery Center
  • Food Factory
  • Super Market Backyard
  • Fruit & Vegetable Factory

Industrial Segment

Our solution for Industrial segment

  • Clean Room
  • Laboratory
  • Production Line – Insulated Case
  • Painting Booth