Polyurethane or PUR is contrived of the reaction of polyol (alcohol and two other reactive chemicals hydroxyl per molecule) and diisocyanate or polymeric isocyanate. There are five types of Polyurethane that is commonly used in everyday life.

Flexible Polyurethane Foam
Flexible Polyurethane Foam are used throughout many commercial products such as bed, furnitures, automotive interiors, carpets, and even packagings. Flexible Polyurethane Foam can be turned into a variety of forms and density. This type of polyurethane is very light, durable, and can be applied into all sorts of things.

Rigid Polyurethane Foam
Rigid Polyurethane Foam is the most popular insulation in the world, it is energy efficient and very versatile. Rigid Polyurethane Foam can be used to build a comfortable home or commercial property while also significantly cutting energy costs. Because of its superior insulation, Rigid Polyurethane Foam are commonly used as the base material for roofing, flooring and walls of a walk in freezer or chiller and clean rooms.

Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants, Elastomers (CASE)
Polyurethane in coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers markets provides a spectrum of applications and benefits that is large and ever growing. Polyurethane coatings can protect and increase display value of products while also extending its lifetime. Polyurethane Adhesives are extremely strong and resistant to most forms of degradation, polyurethane sealants are very flexible and can be applied to a variety of surfaces while are also known to have a longer life span. Polyurethane elastomer can be turned into all sorts of form while also being very light. Polyurethane as CASE products are superior products and can outlast many environmental factors.

Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)
Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) are elastic, flexible and can withstand abrasion, impact, oil and grease. There are many ways to create TPU and its application can increase the overall durability of the product. TPUs are elastomers that are thermoplastic which means they can be elastic when heated and firm when cooled several times without any effect to their chemical and mechanical properties. TPU are commonly used in automotive products and soles.

Reaction Injection Molding (RIM)
Car bumpers, household electrical panels, and telecommunication appliance are a few of the products that uses reaction injection molding process.RIM polyurethanes are more flexible to apply when creating things that a normal injection method are unable to process. Other than that, RIM Polyurethanes and lighter, can withstand heat, and are very dynamic. RIM polyurethanes can be found in automotive products, constructions, furnitures and even sporting products.

More than the ones mentioned above, Polyurethanes are used in a variety of everyday life products. It is used in clothing, houses, and construction. When experts found that polyurethane can be formed into a thread the combined it with nylon to make clothing lighter and more elastic, and from this discovery the spandex was created.

Living spaces and modern buildings nowadays requires a strong foundation, that is light, durable, and efficient while also being versatile. Polyurethane can fulfill all of these requirements.